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"Breaking into New Markets"

Growth and expansion are key factors in any firm's continued success, and breaking into new markets is a natural route for achieving those goals. However, every business needs help when embarking on entering a new market, especially if it is a new region. When breaking into new markets it is our objective to help you to replicate the same success that you currently enjoy in your home market, in new markets as well.  


This can however be a daunting prospect but with our local knowledge, we can help you to develop new revenue streams, and tap into profitable new markets.


As with any new engagement, in order to make it successful we implement our 7 point Bassi “METHODS” System, which take’s the following approach:


market research  


It is vital to make sure that you are heading in the right direction early on, as any mistakes at this stage can prove costly further down the line. So, practical market research allows you to investigate potential markets, competitors and develop sales strategies to make informed, and successful marketing decisions.


events and product launch            


In order to kick start a successful product launch we always support this with a series of product pitches to ensure that your messages are delivered effectively.


This could be a briefing to the press, a presentation to potential resellers or a series of webinars to new customers.


tactical communication materials          


From printed collateral and flyers, to electronic marketing, we help our clients develop campaigns to deliver the right message, to the right contacts, in the right way. These can also be translated into several languages.


highly effective branding


A compelling message is the hook that all good products should have in order to grab new potential customer’s attention. We help companies to recognize their values and strengths, and then communicate these to make them the first choice for any new potential customers.


on going consulting  


To keep the momentum going from an initial product launch you very often need to make a few small adjustments during the lifecycle of your campaign to keep on track. Therefore, we are available to bounce some ideas off, give advice on current messaging and provide practical consultancy when needed. This can be a monthly update or ad hoc in sessions on site or over Video Conference.

 detailed marketing strategies and plans


The importance of a plan can never be underestimated, as a business is 30 times more likely to succeed with a written plan that without one. So, we design, write and implement effective business plans which form part of the deliverable strategies. This provides the focus needed to execute the marketing objectives and drive practical programs.


social media      


A key to modern marketing is to embrace the latest innovations in communication and messaging, and in particular social media. More and more social media sites are being used to deliver value propositions, form specialist groups, post webinars and presentation clips.


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