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If you are looking to increase your revenue and boost the sales for your company, and you need to do it quickly, then the first thing you need to do is to get potential new customers attention. The second thing you need is to create an irresistible offer that provides true value and tangible benefits to attract a new customer. Once you have these then you need a professional and articulate sales team to evangelise your solution to potential customers, and drive new sales.


So this is where Bassi comes in, as we can help you by being your sales team, or if you already have one, then an extension to your existing sales team, in a new territory. At Bassi we guarantee to work with an extremely high level of integrity, and represent your company in a highly professional manner. We make it our policy to ensure that we have built a compelling value proposition for your company’s products or services, that we can take to a new market.


One advantage of working with us is that we can very quickly give you the reach into new markets where you currently do not have any representation. This is a superb way of immediately having additional sales resource without all the additional recruitment costs. 


Another advantage is that we offer a very scalable solution, allowing you to increase the size of your sales team as business begins to grow. We also allow the flexibility to switch on and off your sales requirements as needed. You might want to retain us on a constant sustained sales drive, or for just a short focused campaign. We can also offer a full or part time engagement, during a ramp up phase.


The benefit of using an outsourced sales team like ourselves is that you save time, money and effort by quickly employing our highly skilled sales consultants. You will be able to have an immediate impact on your sales funnel, and start building your new pipeline opportunities. Bassi Consultants direct sales team can provide a fast and effective solution to help bridge your sales revenue gap.


Another dilemma facing companies wanting to break into new markets is knowing where to start and who to contact. This is another area where Bassi can give you an edge, with our extensive contact base of both end user and partner contacts. These range from large multinational enterprise organisations to small specialist firms across Europe. We are proud of the fact that we are able to go back to our contacts that we have worked with over many years, and that they are always willing to talk to us.


We always work in a collaborative way when building relationships, so that we can ensure that there is a win/win situation for all parties. It is not our aim to have just happy customers but raving fans instead.


Finally, we like to work using a structured sales methodology:  

  • By executing detailed, multi-faceted account plans with specific goals and objectives. 
  • Ensuring that we have carefully qualified each opportunity with all the necessary elements in detail, so that we have a real and solid pipeline.
  • We use referrals so we can sell deep and wide into each account, giving larger order values so more products to be sold, maximising your profitability.

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