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Bassi Consultants is one of the UK’s leading European Sales and Marketing Agencies, and we have been helping businesses to successfully take their products and services into new markets for nearly 20 years.


Although we specialise in the technology area, our team of consultants have been highly effective in, driving new business sales and building revenue across all vertical market sectors in Europe.


Located in the Thames Valley near the historic town of Windsor we find ourselves in the heart of one of the UK’s most prosperous and technology rich areas. With excellent communication links, and a well-trained and motivated workforce this is an ideal location for a thriving business.


We try to temper our leading edge knowledge with the fact that Windsor is nearly 1000 years old. It never pays to ignore the past and fail to learn from others experience. Despite using our successful sales methodology built up through many years’ experience, we are always looking to innovate and improve our techniques with fresh ideas.


When it comes to service you will find that the delivery to our clients is second to none, and we work with an attitude where the customer always comes first!


At Bassi, our major strengths are in helping Start-Up companies to take new products and services to market, building new and increasing revenue streams as well as finding new customers. In particular, we have been very successful in enabling U.S. organizations to emulate the same success that they enjoy at home, and helping them to quickly expand into many countries across Europe.


We aim to identify our client's key differentiators to give them that all important competitive advantage, when entering a new market. 


So whatever your goals are, to increase revenue, generate new clients, build a partner channel, break into a new territory, or just test the water with a new product, then you can be secure in the knowledge that Bassi Consultants can help you achieve your goals.

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Stable Cottage

Ascot Road



RG42 6HR


+44 1344883965 


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"Top 10 Reasons Why Companies Fail When Entering a New Market."

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