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Successful sales are at the heart of any business and having a skilled, motivated and focused sales team is vital for any organisation to survive. So, if you are just starting to build a sales team, or want to inject some fresh enthusiasm into an existing team, then take advantage of Bassi’s sales coaching and mentoring service. Regardless of whether you are new to sales or have been selling for some time, there is always something we can add to help you improve your techniques and increase your sales.


We do this by teaching:


Accurate and effective forecasting 


Knowing when your next sale is going to close and how much it will be worth is a vital skill that any sales person needs to be successful. The importance of building and managing an accurate pipeline cannot be underestimated, as it ensures that both individual and company goals are met.   


Qualification Techniques   


Qualification of every sale is key to being an effective and efficient sales person. Without understanding the key elements to every sale, then a great deal of time can be lost chasing situations that will never close. By fine-tuning your qualification and improving your questioning techniques, you shorten your sales cycles and close your deals much quicker. Simply by asking the right questions at the right time and knowing what to ask can massively influence a sales team’s performance.


Cold calling   


We all need to cold call and start with a bank of suspects, building our prospect lists and finally a customer base. To do this it all starts with the first cold call, and then making sure that we are always continually cold calling is an essential skill. Making this process easy and effective takes discipline as well as a tried and trusted methodology, which we at Bassi can teach you.  


Sales methods  


We all have our own style but there are certain fundamental sales principles, which if followed correctly, will ensure that each sales engagement is taken through the correct sales process. Ensuring that you follow the right steps from and initial shake of hands right, the way through to the receipt of the purchase order is critical. Understanding the important stages of the sales process, customer buying signals, and purchasing behaviours guarantees a successful sales meeting every time.


Account planning   


How you do win a big account and where you do start can be a daunting prospect if you have never done this before, particularly when it is a large and complex sale. Winning a big account is no different to the conductor of an orchestra, or a manager of a football team, they are the lead but there lots of components needed to reach the result.




Plan your work and work you plan, it is an important principle, which is quite often overlooked when working a sales territory. You would not start a journey without having a map and knowing which direction you are heading towards in order to reach your destination. Therefore, you have to plan your territory and breakdown how you are going to reach your target. It is important to understand the strategies you need to follow, resources you need, tools you will need to employ, so that you can set yourself up for success. Very often sales people fail to plan, so do not plan to fail, with a plan you increase your chances of success by 1000%.

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