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"Building Indirect Channels to Market"

Finding the right partners to work with can be a difficult task especially without having good contacts, local market knowledge, and actual feet on the street. So at Bassi, we can bring together the right partners for your business, optimise their performance, and accelerate your growth in the market.


We do this in 3 stages:




To begin with we carefully consider the correct profile of partner for your products and services, and then we start to identify the most appropriate partners. We use a detailed qualification process to ensure that the partners we recruit are capable of delivering revenue, rather than promises. The trap that a lot of companies fall into is to take a “one size fits all” approach when building a channel, rather than a more targeted method. It is worth considering different languages, cultures and ways of doing business in different regions, when building a channel.


So that we can grab a new partner’s attention from the outset, we create a compelling value proposition for each market segment together with a very effective elevator pitch. We then start to build a pipeline of motivated and specialised partners, who will reach the required revenue goals.


Consulting - optimising the channel


Once recruited, it is important to capitalise on all the hard work it has taken to attract each partner to your business. So in order to optimise their potential we help each new partner to be as productive as possible, as quickly as possible.


Depending on who you talk to there are around 5,000 partners in the UK and around 30,000 across Europe. These range from “one person” organisations, to specialist resellers and global system integrators. As a result, each partner requires a different approach and so as part of this process we employ a specialised strategy of complete partner development.


We can also design, build and implement a tiered partner program, to ensure that each partner gets the right level of support and attention, depending on the level of commitment.


enablement – total channel management


With a channel now in place it is vital to keep the momentum going and drive both new and incremental business. So, we then aim to maintain the initial enthusiasm that a partner had when they first stared to work with us, and look for ways to keep the channel energised. Regular contact with the channel is essential, and this can often be done internally although it can prove challenging when working remotely and struggling with various time zones.


Nothing quite takes the place of a face to face meeting or a presentation to an important client. By outsourcing this activity to Bassi we can run the day to day activities of managing the channel and act as your local office. This is a very cost effective method as Bassi will be an extension of your company, but without the usual overheads of setting up a new branch office.


Part of this ongoing process is to deliver sales and technical training, pre-sales support, marketing, lead generation activities, as well as pipeline and project management. We can also localise and translate marketing collateral, build case studies and obtain valuable local reference sites. 

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