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 "Delivering True Value to our clients"

With any new venture there are always some variable elements, and one of which can be the level of engagement that you are most comfortable with. Therefore we like to be able to offer a flexible approach that makes the most financial sense for our clients. At the end of the day, our aim is to deliver true value to our clients with tangible results, for a very competitive price.


We can provide the following:


monthly retainer – FULL TIME


This is a full engagement with one or more of our consultants.


monthly retainer – PART TIME


Here we provide from 1 to 3 days per week on a part time basis to help you get started while you are in an early ramp-up stage.


fixed results    


We can also offer a fixed results contract regardless of time it takes us to complete. Here we would work towards an agreed outcome or set of results, for a fixed price.




With all of our projects you can switch the work on and off, while you assess the results, modify your strategy, or simply wait for new product release.




We price our work per consultant, so depending on the needs of your project we can scale up rapidly from 1 to 10 consultants, if you want to get the project completely quickly.

Where to find us:


Stable Cottage

Ascot Road



RG42 6HR


+44 1344883965 


Skype: BassiConsultants 




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